Tooling & Accessories


Pneumatic columns and pneumo-electronic modules require the use of Solex head jets. These jets are defined according to the section of the orifice to control. It may be necessary to change the head jet during operations.

The selector – for up to 5 head jets – allows to verify pieces of different sizes without having to dismount on the main device.

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The instrument measures bores and external diameters of orifices and shafts with dimensions between 2.5mm and 300mm, with an accuracy within tenths of a μm.



A large number of gauges are available for taking tactile or non-contact measurements on fragile or distortable pieces.
We can also carry out special projects:

  • Conical gauges
  • Gauges with several planes
  • Rectangular or square gauges
  • Combination of gauges for measuring perpendicularity, parallelism, twisting and centre distances
  • etc…


Conical gauge for measuring bore with gauge plane determination  conical gauge Rectangular gauge for measuring groove heights



There is also a large range of non contact gauges. We can also carry out special projects:

  • Conical rings
  • Rings with several planes
  • Rings for simultaneously measuring several concentric bores
  • etc…


Ring for continuous measurement of cigarette or wire diameter  ring Conical ring for external measurements with gauge plane determination