Pneumatic-electronic version

Pneumatic metrology is a size measurement technique for parts which has two significant advantages:

  • highly accurate measurement
  • fast measurement

This device is used to measure the size of parts that have openings for which there are very strict size tolerances, of parts that cannot be touched because of their surface condition, or of parts that have complex geometry.

For many years it has been used in industrial sectors such as the biomedical industry (prostheses), cosmetics (sprays), pharmaceuticals (dosing pumps), aeronautics or the automotive industry (metal parts), in which its robustness, its reliability and its high measurement accuracy are recognised.

It has been completely redesigned and also equipped with a new electronic module to provide even more features.


Operating principle

The principle is based on a pneumatic flow meter that directly reads the drop or increase in pressure corresponding to the variation of the flow rate corresponding to an opening or a leak.

The regulator guarantees a constant pressure. The air passes through the head air nozzle and comes out through the opening to be controlled. The head nozzle cross section is constant and that of the opening varies depending on the size of the measured parts. This causes pressure variations between the head nozzle and the opening, which are recorded by the micro-measurement pressure gauge.



μCati-4 is a new software developed for metrology :

  • Programmation and backup of measurement ranges
  •  Step-by-step measurement
  •  Measurement display on a screen
  • Report
  • Data can be saved in .csv or .xls formats

>> Learn more about μCati-4


In its micro-measurement configuration

The instrument measures bores or the outer diameters of openings measuring between 2.5 mm and 300 mm with an accuracy of within one 10th of a µm.

To measure inner diameters there is a large number of nozzle blocks available for contactless measurement of fragile or deformable parts.
We can also manufacture bespoke parts:

  • Conical blocks
  • Blocks with several planes
  • Rectangular or square blocks
  • Block combinations for perpendicularity, parallelism, twisting, spacing,
  • etc…

To measure outer diameters there is also a wide range of contactless nozzle rings.
We can also manufacture bespoke parts:

  • Conical rings
  • Rings with several planes
  • Rings for the simultaneous measurement of several concentric bores
  • etc…


In its flow meter configuration

As its name indicates, the instrument measures a flow, or an air leak, in water head. This version is used to measure very small openings (in sprays for example), of which the size is between 0.1 mm and 3 mm, with a precision of less than 1%.